Consent To Participate And Release From Liability

I do hereby state that I wish to participate in the activities sponsored by the organization known as Endless Adventures Ontario Inc (EAO). EAO has rules that govern the activities in which I am participating. These rules include, but are not limited to: the specific game-system rulebook, all EAO and game-specific policies, all game manuals and rule books, any site-specific or time-specific rules, all supplemental rules published by EAO, and the instructions of EAO and game-specific staff.

EAO makes no representation or claims as to the condition or safety of the land, structures or surroundings, whether owned or not owned, leased or rented, operated or maintained by EAO.

I understand that all activities sponsored by EAO are voluntary and that I do not have to participate unless I choose to do so. I understand that these activities are potentially dangerous or harmful to my person and/or property. I understand that EAO does not provide any insurance coverage for my person or property. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own safety, health care needs, and the protection of my property. I have read, understand and accept all parts of the EAO and game-specific policies, including the formal COVID Safety Plan and agree to abide by all parts of these policies.

In exchange for allowing me to participate in the events sponsored by EAO and any related activities, I agree that I am responsible for any and all actions and any and all ramifications of those actions that I undertake during participation in said events or activities. I also agree to release from liability, agree to indemnify, and to hold harmless, EAO and any EAO Shareholder, Director, officer or employee, EAO council member, agent, volunteer, or game-specific employee acting within the scope of their duties and/or responsibilities, for any injury, indiscretion or offence, be it physical, emotional, and/or psychological, to my person or for damage to my property. This release shall be binding upon myself, successors in interest and/or any person(s) suing on my behalf.

I have read the statements in this document and agree to its terms and have voluntarily signed it. I understand that this document is complete unto itself and that of any oral promises or representations made to me concerning this document and/or its terms are not binding upon EAO, its executive council, shareholders, officers, agents, board of directors, or employees.

During Endless Adventures Ontario Inc. (EAO) events, I, as a player, may encounter situations that could prove dangerous if not treated with caution and care.

I understand that in no way is EAO to be held liable for any actions I may perform during my participation in EAO events. I acknowledge that I have been made aware that:

  • Drugs and illegal substances are forbidden on site during any EAO event. Anyone violating this rule will be removed from site.
  • No one is to grab, hold, strike or in any way physically harm another participant.
  • Climbing of buildings, trees or other objects is not allowed. Nor may anyone crawl under any building, bridge, or structure.
  • During Combat no one is to swing or hit another participant’s head, neck or face area or hands.
  • If at any time a participant calls “Zebra”, all within earshot are to immediately stop what they are doing. A “Zebra” call is used if someone is injured, lost, or about to encounter an unsafe situation whether intentionally or not.
  • Any and all weapons used during an EAO event are to be of the boffer or foam latex variety, and must be inspected at the beginning of each event and approved by a Weapon Marshal for safety. Any weapon not inspected and approved is considered unsafe and is unusable.
  • No running, combat, or similar activities is allowed: within 20ft of an operating fire pit, stove, pit, cliff, body of water or in any other unsafe location.
  • Smoking, vaping or any other similar act is only allowed by those legally entitled to do so (those over the age of 19), and is only permitted in designated areas of the site in accordance with the site-specific rules.
  • No one may run, move, travel, or participate in combat or similar in-game activities when in possession of a lit cigarette or other like product.
  • Although food and drink may be provided, participants are not prohibited from bringing their own food and drink and are not required to utilize anything supplied. Any food allergies or dietary concerns are the responsibility of the participant. EAO is not responsible for any adverse reactions a participant may have to any food or drink supplied. Facilities available for food preparation and storage on the site are reserved for EAO usage only.
  • All participants are required to complete the medical information sheet. EAO is not responsible for ensuring that participants take appropriate medications, eat or drink sufficient amounts for weather conditions or activity levels, nor is EAO responsible for any adverse effects, which may occur as a result of medical conditions.
  • Fires are to be lit in designated, and approved fire pits only, and at no time may be left unattended.
  • Townsfolk are people who are at the event for atmosphere and practical services only. Townsfolk are often merchants (of real wares not in-game items), tavern staff, performers, and other general townsfolk. These players are not active in the game and do not carry weapons or packets. At no time may these players participate in in-game or physical combat.
  • Whenever you come across another player who is unarmed you are to treat them as Non-Combat characters. (See the game specific rulebook for rules on interacting with Non-Combat Characters.) EAO appreciates the presence of these individuals and encourages them to come and participate.
  • All players are expected to behave in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Infractions won’t be tolerated.
  • All participants at an EAO event should refrain from taking actions or making comments that are obviously obscene or disrespectful, as required by EAO’s Code of Conduct. While individuals violating the Code of Conduct may be subject to corrective actions by EAO Directors and Owners, EAO itself takes no direct responsibility for any actions or comments made by any individual participating in an EAO event. Unless they are specifically requested to make them by an Owner or Director, any comments and actions are the sole responsibility of the individual.
  • EAO occasionally uses plot and story elements that may contain mature subject matter. All participants should be aware of this fact, and EAO takes no responsibility for any material that may be considered offensive.
  • All combat, theft, damage, magical and spell descriptions, and religious ethos mentioned in EAO games are completely fictional. Never use these rules or articles in any action that is dangerous or unlawful.
  • All alchemical and herbal creations used in EAO games are completely fictional, while some components may share names with actual substances; any and all formula and recipes are fictional and created randomly. Never attempt to actually create these substances, as they will very likely be harmful.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I am aware of the above safety rules, and agree to follow all such rules. I understand that if I am found violating any of these rules I will be punished as deemed appropriate by EAO officials. Should my actions result in a ban from playing EAO games, I forfeit any and all pre-paid fees, as well as any rights and privileges awarded me as a player of EAO games. EAO is not liable or responsible for any injuries, illnesses, or damage/loss of property I may sustain or that I may cause.

•    I have fully read and understand the EAO COVID Safety Plan and agree to abide by it at all EAO events, and attest that I have received my second dose of an Ontario-approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to signing. I understand that providing false documents for a proof of vaccination will result in immediate ban for life from all EAO events, online spaces and any other official EAO productions. 

EAO collects Emergency Contact information for the purposes of ensuring the safety of its players and may only use that information for that purpose. Players are offered an option to provide further health information at their own discretion as well. Please provide only what information you wish to and would be helpful for EAO Health Officers and Game Owners to know to ensure your health and safety. All information provided here will only be available to EAO game Owners and will only be used to ensure the health and safety of the player.

By creating an account on this website I confirm that I understand that this is a legal document. I have read and understood this release and I understand all of its terms. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its meaning and significance.

By checking the appropriate box on the registration page, I understand and accept that pictures or video may be taken during official EAO events and that I may be found within these media. EAO reserves the right to use any media taken and or provided by players for promotional material. No media or likeness of any person will be used in a commercial product without express permission from the creator and all subjects within the media.