COVID-19 Safety Plan

UPDATED 2022-04-15


To ensure the safety and health of all people attending an Endless Adventures Ontario (EAO) game, event or other official gathering following the guidelines put forth by the Government of Ontario.

Provided below are the steps that Endless Adventures will go through to help protect all attendants from COVID-19.

This safety plan will be in place until such time as the Government of Ontario states that such plans are no longer necessary and the Directors of EAO believe these measures are unnecessary. This plan may be edited as necessary and the updated document will be publicly available.

EAO reserves the right to change the plan, cancel events or otherwise respond as necessary based on the Government of Ontario’s regulations, the state of the pandemic and the discretion of the Directors.

Requirement to comply

All persons attending an EAO event must comply with the rules and guidelines provided in this document. Any person or people who fail to comply will be reminded for minor infractions, warned only once for multiple minor infractions or a moderate one, or immediately removed from the event for an infraction after a warning or a major infraction. All decisions on compliance are at the discretion of the Owners and Health Officers. 

All people attending an EAO event will be required to acknowledge that they have read this document in full and understand the requirements. This can be done through an online Log form or declared to the Owner or Health Officer screening at the entrance of an event.


All people attending an EAO event should perform a COVID-19 Self-Assessment before traveling to the event. This can be done through the government of Ontario’s website here: Should the person assess as needing to get tested and/or self-isolate, then they must not go to the event.

Should a person develop any possible symptoms of COVID-19 during an event, they should immediately remove themselves from the game site. If a person does not do so, an Owner will have them removed.

If you have prepaid for an event and cannot attend due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test, a refund or transferring of the payment to a future event is allowed. Please contact Logistics with your request no later than one week after the event to ensure this is done.

At the entrance to every official Endless Adventures event will be posted a Health Officer who will stop every person from entering until they have been screened for COVID-19. This screening will consist of two parts:

1. Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 

2 weeks must have passed since a player’s 2nd dose of any of the Ontario Approved COVID-19 vaccines. Proof of this must be provided to Logistics at least 1 week before a player’s first event back, or may be provided to the Health Officer at the event entrance. This proof must be provided by an official province QR code which can be obtained here:

If any player intentionally provides forged or illegitimate proof of a vaccine, they will be immediately banned from all EAO games for life.

2. Questionnaire

A questionnaire must be answered to ensure the player does not currently have any symptoms of COVID-19. Any person not passing the screening will not be permitted onto the site. This questionnaire is the official one provided by the government of Ontario. This can be found here: 

Physical Distancing

In general, all people attending an event will be recommended to maintain a 2m distance between themselves and all others. The only exception to this is for those who live in the same household. For reference, here are some examples of some approximately 2m long things:

  • 2 normal length strides of an average sized adult.
  • Slightly longer than a max length polearm.
  • The height of an average sized Cast member wearing a tall hat.
  • Slightly more than a standard-sized double-doorway including the frame. 

Regulations for combat situations during the game are described below.

Sleeping Spaces

Tents and Cabins

Tents setup must be spaced at least 2m apart. EAO will not provide tents to players so please bring your own.

Indoor sleeping/Tavern/Cast Cabin

Any player setting up sleep space in the Tavern or common indoor sleeping space is recommended to give 2m of space between each sleeping space. The Owners of the game will require that certain space be reserved for players needing indoor or electrical plugs as necessary. 

Indoor Common Spaces

When entering and while within an indoor space, all people are required to wear a mask.

Inclement Weather and shelter

In the case of poor weather such as excessive rain, snow or cold, EAO will respond in whatever the appropriate way is based on the conditions:

  • Additional shelters will be setup or opened to the players as possible.
  • EAO may choose to cancel the event at any time. A canceled event will result in a full refund if called before over half of the time of the event has passed, and refund of half of the fee any time from then to the end of the event.

Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects

EAO will ensure surfaces and common objects are cleaned and disinfected.

Wearing of personal protective equipment and personal sanitizing

Masks or face coverings

Everyone must wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth, nose and chin at all times while:

  • in an indoor area.
  • Participating in combat.

All people attending an event are requested to bring their own mask(s). Some single-use masks will be made available by EAO for those who require them.

If a player cannot wear a mask and cannot abide by the rules for times when masks are required, then that player must either not attend an EAO event or will be sent home from an event.

All EAO staff preparing food must properly wash their hands before starting. While preparing food, they must wear a mask and remove or firmly secure any parts of clothing that could interfere or come in contact with food or preparation. 

EAO will ensure that all hand-washing areas are properly stocked with soap, paper towels and trash bins.

EAO will ensure that hand-sanitizer is available in easily accessible areas and is kept properly filled and working.

Preventing and controlling crowding

All contact points for players to interact with before or during an event will be spaced at least 2m apart. This includes: Weapon Marshals, Armour Marshals and Rule Marshals/Log Assistants, information tables such as ones setup for Plot or Rules at a Meet and Greet, and Private Logistics space.

Players meeting with the Logistics Manager for processing or payment must limit their time in the Logistics area to only the necessities. All socializing, discussions or other non-essential interactions must be done outside of the Logistics area. While in with the Logistics Manager, a request for a further discussion may be placed and will occur at the Logistics Manager’s convenience.

Please remember that EAO accepts online payments before the event and doing so will help us limit the contact between people during the event. Pre-registering your character at the deadline or earlier will also help minimize the need for contact during Log.

Plans for the exact method for logging and checking into an event will be developed and clearly marked at each event. These plans will follow the above guidelines but will vary based on the game’s physical site.

Plans for serving meals and food will be determined based on the site and full plans will be announced at least one week before for each event.


Logistics at events

When Logistics is completed at an event, the following new safety protocols will be used.

Item/Tag exchange

Items/tags/coin provided to any player by EAO will be prepared at least 24h before and left in an envelope made available for the player to take. Any last minute items/tags for the player will either be deferred to the next Logistics or provided to the player based on the Logistics Manager’s and Player’s discretion and comfort.

Items/tags/coin gathered from players by EAO at Log must be placed in a container provided by EAO for this purpose. All items/tags/coin placed in this container will be kept separate and not sorted back into regular use for at least 3 days after Logistics is concluded.

All items/tags/coin used, lost or otherwise transferred to Plot may be given to a Plot Member based on the Plot Member’s personal discretion and comfort. Or a marked container will be  placed in the main character area (Tavern) and/or the Cast area (Cast Cabin/Camp) for depositing owed tags/coin. No person may handle items/tags/coin from within these containers until 3 days following the event.

All items/tags/coin given out by the Plot Team during the event will be done by a few selected members of the Plot Team. These exchanges will be done only to the level of comfort of the Plot Member and Player. This comfort must be expressed at each exchange and both parties must fully respect and adhere to the requests of the other. These exchanges can be handing the items/tags/coin to each other while maintaining as much distance as possible, setting the items/tags/coin on a convenient surface and moving to maintain 2m of space while the other picks them up, or can be just noted by the Plot Member and communicated to Logistics to be provided at the character’s next Log.

Items/tags/coin may be transferred to any other player during an event only if both players fully agree and are comfortable with the exchange. If either or both do not wish the exchange, then all items/tags/coin transferred IG or OOG between players during an event must be recorded by the players involved and provided to Logistics via a conversation at the event (that is recorded at the event) or an email or message following the event. These transfers must be reported at or before the player’s next event’s Logistics form is filled out.

Items/tags/coin that are left unattended in common areas may not be stolen by players. Doing so would not allow the players who own those things to be able to ensure the comfort of the exchange, so simply must not be done. Stealing items in other methods (such as with an Owner raiding a tent/sleeping space or from a helpless target) may still be done so long as permission is granted by the player who owns the property as confirmed by all players involved or by an Owner consulting all players.


Combat encounters must follow all rules within the Rulebook with these additional requirements.

  • No player may touch another who is not part of their household in any way. This includes touch-casting, role-play actions, or anything else. Actions which normally involve touch must instead be done from an arm’s reach using a hand-to-hand boffer to touch the target. (Players must supply their own hand-to-hand boffers.)
  • When a character is required to fall down, such as when they take a Sleep effect or are brought to zero or -1 LP, they may choose to remove themselves from the area they are in if they are concerned about the proximity of others. This movement can be IG RP, or OOG movement based on the player’s discretion, and during this movement all counts they may need to perform are paused until they reach a safe location, at which time the counts begin again.
  • Any player may at any time signify themselves as OOG and declare “Exit Scene” to immediately leave the current situation they are in. When declaring this, the player must then immediately leave that area where that portion of the game is occurring. Should the player require assistance from another, that player may also make the same actions and calls to provide that assistance. Any players using this call must remain OOG until they can speak to an Owner to ensure the player is safe and healthy. The player may then return to the game in another location based on the Owner and player’s discretion. No player will ever be penalized for using this call unless it is deemed to be abusing the call by an Owner in consultation with Player Relations.
  • Encounters will be limited to fewer participants. This will be done through Plot actions taken to limit players in specific encounters while working to allow all to participate. But all players are requested to assist with this by sharing and splitting their time as best as possible.
  • All players are asked to focus on greater dramatic combat. This will both enhance the combat to create a more fun game for all, but will also assist with maintaining control of everyone’s bodies to lessen contact, injuries and improper weapon use.
  • All players are strongly urged to never exceed a ratio of 3-to-1 of opponents in combat. Should a skirmish reach a point of 3 combatants against one (or any multiple of that, such as 6 on 2, etc.) then all players on the higher side should refrain from joining the skirmish. Players are also requested to ensure they are allowing others to join in combat encounters by taking turns in encounters, or cycling out during a fight. These techniques to encourage participation should be organized as much in-game as possible.
  • A distance of 2m should be maintained as much as possible during combat encounters and at no time may any person move within 1m of any other person who does not live in the same household. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times while a player is engaging in combat. 
  • For any skills or actions that normally require a player to be closer than 1m, such as touch casting, garotte, feeding another a potion/mixture etc, these skills must now be done with at least 1m of distance through the touch of a Weapon Marshal approved safe phys-rep or a thrown packet (if appropriate).
  • Weapon strikes that normally require striking with the pommel of a weapon, such as Waylay or Knockout, will instead be able to be used with a normal strike of the main attack surface (blade, hammer head, etc.)
  • Red-lights during any encounter may enforce these safety guidelines at their discretion. All players are required to defer to their decisions at the time.
  • No player may enter combat without wearing a mask or face covering that covers their mouth, nose and chin. Any player not wearing such a mask is considered to be a Non-Combat character and may not participate in a combat encounter in any way and must be removed or remove themselves from the combat area immediately. All players should familiarize themselves with the rules for interacting with a Non-Combat character which can be found in the Fantasy Alive rulebook here: After removal from the combat area, a player may choose to don a mask and then join in the combat as normal.
  • If a situation arises where a player is having a health issue or trouble breathing, whether in combat or not, the player or one nearby may call a Zebra or help the player to safe location. While the player is in distress, they are considered out-of-game until they are confident that they can return to the game safely. This is in addition to the normal rules for Zebra calls and the Health and Safety policy which can be found here: 
  • When possible and reasonable, EAO games will not accept players to join the event as Cast. During these events, only players who are on the Plot Team or are Dedicated Cast will assist with running the game. This will be done to better prepare the props/costumes and to limit the numbers of people within the Cast Cabin/Camp so as to limit possible exposures.
  • Any player who refuses or fails to follow these guidelines may be subject to corrective action up to permanent ban from all EAO games.

Cast Combat and Equipment

Cast weapon phys-reps and Packets will not be shared between Cast and Plot Members to the greatest extent possible.

Disposable masks will be made available to Cast and Plot Members.

Makeup use will be limited and self applied whenever possible. Each Cast Member will use a different brush/makeup applier.


People attending EAO events may remove their mask to eat only if they are seated in an assigned eating space. 2m of space is recommended between people during this time, especially while indoors.

Please remove your mask only for the act of eating and replace the mask as soon as possible.

Food provided by EAO will be done with the least amount of shared items as possible, and those shared items cleaned and disinfected appropriately. The Owners of each game will determine the safest method of providing food based on their kitchen and serving situation and will publicly express how that will be accomplished before or at the beginning of each event.

All people attending an EAO event may only share food if they take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of others. All players have the right to refuse to provide or take food or drink from anyone else should they believe it is unsafe. It is recommended by EAO that players provide food to only themselves and their household or use the game’s meal plan (if available) to ensure safety. Any players who choose to share food do so knowing and understanding the risks and may not hold EAO or any EAO representative responsible for any ill-effects.