Endless Adventures Fundraising

Thanks for your interest in participating in the Endless Adventures fundraiser! Here you can find details on how it works, the spot to donate as well as the information on all the fabulous rewards!

The way this works is one of two ways:
1. For smaller price items, you can buy them outright on the website link below.
2. Through collecting contributions from each player. These contributions are collected and then recorded on your character sheet so you can keep track of what you have put forward. Any contribution you make gets added to any previous amount you had already, so you can contribute at different times to build up to the reward you want.

The contribution can be any amount you want at any time. Your contribution will be calculated during each logistics period and updated on your character sheet.

To get a reward not able to be purchased directly, you review the full details on the item and contact the Directors at Owners@fantasyalivelrp.com . Some rewards may require time to provide, so make sure you review all the details on any reward you are looking at!

Once a reward is selected and provided to a player, the amount of that reward will be subtracted from the player’s total fundraiser contribution amount. 

Some rewards will require some discussion with the Directors of EAO. These rewards will only be provided once an official approval is given by Endless Adventures.

Multiple players may combine their contributions to reach a reward together. That reward will be shared between all players who combined their contributions. The amount each player is putting toward the reward must be communicated by that player to Endless Adventures before the reward will be provided.

Please note that all contributions to this fundraiser are not available to be used for event fees or meal plans. Those are entirely separate from this fundraiser and need to be paid separately via the methods provided.

For further information we have created an FAQ to answer some other common questions that we have heard. We’ll also continue to add to the FAQ as we get further questions.

When items for use at Dormancy are available, you’ll be able to see them here.