EAO 2022 Database and Logistics

For Fantasy Alive and Dormancy Games

Welcome to the new stage in the development of Fantasy Alive! We have moved to an online database where you can see your character and player information as well as log all through one system! And while that is very exciting, it is also a lot of work to get working properly! Read below to find out the current instructions, details of what aspects of the game are currently available, and anything else you might need to know!

Instructions on how to use the database

Please be patient as we implement the system! Things may not work perfectly but we will make sure that everyone gets their information properly updated! Just might take a little bit of time!

Go here: (LINK PROVIDED SHORTLY) or use the link provided in the header of the Fantasy Alive Website (Coming soon…)

For your first time, please create an account using the link below the Login window.

Sign up by filling out the required information and completing the CAPTCHA.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the Landing Page, but no information will be available immediately. Please allow our Logistics Manager time to link any existing characters to your new account.

For new players, you can complete the form following the “Submit New Character” link. Once complete, please allow our Logistics Manager a day or two to review the submission.

Current State: March 10th, 2022.

  • Working aspects:
    • Login complete.
    • Viewing Player Data and updating personal information complete.
    • Viewing Character Data, both basic information and character skills complete.
    • Submitting a new character is complete. (NOTE: Characters require approval by Log before being usable within the system.)
  • Current Projects:
    • Event Registration including skill purchase, downtime use, etc. is nearly complete. Should be available on March 12th at the latest.
    • Log of changes/updates to player and characters. Filter and searchable.
    • Background work on ensuring log possible for March 19th event.
  • Known issues/work to be done:
    • All pages require beautification. As function is complete, organization, layout and design of the user interface will be completed.
    • No method of specifically buying one skill by using more OC than cap allows.
    • Maximum of three different types of skills purchasable in one log.
    • Maximum of five different production items in one log.
    • One armour type fixable in one log.
    • Staff pages to apply OC/XP.
    • Plot pages to view list of characters for event for planning, XP and plotting purposes.
    • Merchant system unable to be used during this log.