Health and Care of Player Policy

Endless Adventures endeavours to make a game that is fun and safe for all involved. But with the physicality and the ever-present possibility of accidents, EAO also prepares to handle any injuries that may arise. Here are the ways in which we work to keep the game safe.

Zebra Call

Within the Rules of all EAO games is a single word call of “Zebra”. This is the call to pause the game for two reasons: 

The first is for a Plot Member to describe or act out a certain aspect of the story. Once this part is completed the call of “Lay on” is done and the game continues.

The second is to ensure that at any time the game can be halted to care for any player. This pause in the game lasts as long as is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all players, whether that takes only a few minutes to ensure that everyone is alright or an hour while an injured player is given proper medical care.

First Aid Kit

EAO works to keep properly stocked first aid kit(s) readily accessible at events. The location of the First Aid Kit(s) will be announced at the beginning of each event to make sure all participants are aware.

Emergency Care

In the case of a serious injury, an Owner or an appropriate and responsible representative for EAO will accompany the injured person to an emergency medical care facility. The Owner or representative will be there to advocate for the injured person and ensure they receive proper care until the emergency has passed or is replaced by a family member or guardian of the injured player.

Emergency Procedures

Each Endless Adventure game will draw up and make available to all players their emergency procedures. This document will provide instructions on what to do in case of a fire, medical emergency or other serious incident. We request that all players familiarize themselves with that information to ensure the safety of all players in the unlikely situation one of these emergencies occur.