Players in Need Fund

We at Endless Adventures Ontario (EAO) understand that life can sometimes be hard on our players and that our game often provides a much needed break from stress. So we’ve set a goal to ensure that our players have the ability to attend events even when they may not be able to afford all the costs involved. 

How does the EAO Player in Need Fund work?

Players looking to come out to an event just need to contact the Owner(s) of the EAO game they wish to attend and discuss their situation and needs. From that, the Owners will determine the best method of assisting the Player and will provide that assistance to the best of their ability. 

The assistance provided can be:

  • Waiving event fees.
  • Providing a free meal plan
  • Providing transit costs or gas money to a driver
  • Free Costume or prop rentals
  • Any other assistance available and at the discretion of the Owners of the EAO game

How do you contact the Owners about the Player in Need Fund?

For Fantasy Alive Toronto or FA&D: Doug Rene or Ian Patterson

Email – 

Private messages – (text or Facebook). 

Or in person at any Fantasy Alive Toronto event.